Don't code the backend, let the machine do it for free!

Just focus on frontends and integrate in dead simple steps

We are still crafting the beta version

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Web Services Creation

You do not need to be a developer to create your own backend you just need seconds to drag customizable logic pipes called behaviors to a canvas where you can have a big-picture view of your backend.


Behaviours is built on our open-source framework BackendJS that implements behavior-driven design and map-queue algorithm which are the power behind the platform.


You create your MongoDB models through a fancy user interface. Also you create queries like writing normal english statements.

Web Service Customization

Customizing a web service logic is just checking a pre-implemented on-off streamed operations that handle the received parameters of the request till the response.

Working Offline

We offer a Mac desktop app besides the web interface to experience the fully featured backend editing online or offline.

Workflow Management

Through the canvas, you can manage the workflow of your backend like a charm. Just connect canvas behaviors by dragging and dropping to create the dependency chain of your logic units.


We offer front-end and mobile SDKs to easily integrate with your own backend by the behavior-call style.

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