Don't code the backend, let the machine do it for free!

The Way Backend Development Should Be

Our engine makes it much simpler to create a backend architecture, in fact, we have made it so simple that you don’t need to know anything about backend development to create a backend infrastructure.

This allows you as a developer to concentrate on more important stuff, and by important we mean the factors that fundamentally provide value to your users, factors such as the user experience because in the end, your users will determine your success, not you.

Core Features of the Behavior’s Platform

Visual Interface

A visual interface that makes creating the backend much quicker and easier to focus your energies on what really matters, the user. It is designed to balance between how simple you can design your code and how simple your code will be used.


Our framework BackendJS, the core of Behaviors, has built-in algorithms to give you a high control of concurrency and queuing of the traffic along with stateless functions that ensure processing and memory optimization to scale user's traffic smoothly.


Customization has been built in the heart of Behaviors to solve the equation of simplicity versus the ability to edit. Our engine has been open-sourced to put the creativity in your hand. It gives you a new way of coding with no code to unleash the genius inside you.

Code Ownership

Behaviors gives you the freedom to extract the source code with a click of a button to provide you with a full control over your applications. There is no vendor lock-in so you can innovate with no constraints and grow with the code.


User privacy is a part of the DNA of Behaviors. It is not a technology it is a decision to take the innovation away from violating secrecy and to make the coding a friend of human, not an enemy. Behaviors does not collect user's data.


Behaviors gives you the capability to build fully fledged databases from scratch with no code, along with the ability to have built-in or customized functions with no code. After that, you run everything by a single click with no server.

Built to help dev & non-dev to build innovative solutions

No Code

Using our visual interface, you will have the capability of building the backend infrastructure of your app or website without any code.

No Time

Due to the nature of our mechanism, we have enabled users to cut the development time by 10x to allow you to focus on what really matters, your users.

No Constraints

Backend development is a real pain to developers looking to innovate because real innovation comes from the frontend, not the backend.

No Cost

Our freemium model allows you to build an advanced backend infrastructure for free.

More Innovation

Many times customization contradicts with simplicity but we have built both in one product to release your creativity.

More Quality

Sometimes code quality becomes a point of view but it should not so we invented a pattern to lead the quality of code.

Developers Love Using BEHAVIORS


Android Developer

Coding the backend took less time and was easier to implement


Frontend Developer

I have tried BackendJS, It was just like calling a set of functions and it is all done for me in no time, no effort and no backend experience.


Backend Developer

Implementing a software project has never been easier, I just focused on the front-end

Products Built Using BEHAVIORS

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